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To quickly handle customer after-sales problems, maintain company reputation, promote quality improvement and service level, but also better for the development of the company, to enhance the social competitiveness of the company and enhances the working efficiency of the employees, this company after-sales service process.

Maintenance service process:

User call service center

Users need to offer content: factory number, model specifications, dealers, fault code and alarm when the temperature and pressure values

Preliminary confirmation problems

Spare parts, mail, phone to guide the dealer to solve or customer to solve the problem.

Customer contact old parts sent back, under the unified processing warehouse.

Door to door service process:

My appointment with the customer, the door of time

On-site inspection maintenance

To solve the problem

User, sign on the repair list

Three days later, telephone pays a return visit to the customer

Record purpose

To the operation of the repaired products of processes:

Pick up the goods: customer service staff received a delivery notice, the consignee to take delivery of the awb freight company freight amount take delivery date are recorded one by one to the driver to pick up the goods.

Storage: repaired products mentioned company warehouse, the warehouse notice after-sales personnel, again by after-sales personnel mentioned maintenance center. Return to repair machine registration, please return address and dealers, record model and produce number.

Check failure: test failure phenomenon (write down fault code and pressure, temperature)

Maintenance: to corresponding processing of fault code, registration of good treatment

Repair after electrify test, such as no problem do clean with sterilization packaging

Outbound: fill in the outbound order, maintenance of machine purpose file

Fax users freight delivery: contact the user, single, ready to pick up the goods

Return: regular phone pays a return visit customer, ask about product usage

Satisfaction: by the investigation of the service user satisfaction

Switch machine operation:

inform the agent to send back the old products, packaging accessories must be complete.

Agents, want to start new products, should send a transfer to the agent fax or guarantee, the regional manager before shipment.

Contact agent, after receiving new products should be timely return the old product company

to the company of old products, inform technology workshop after-sales department to check the problem together, take out the solution on the spot.

After-sales personnel, a week to repair product record purpose, repaired products every day at the same time.

according to the damage of the old product, make the corresponding processing.


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